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Revolving Door Solutions from EA

EA Group offer a wide range of both Automatic and Manual Revolving Door solutions.

All Glass Revolving Doors

Available as a manual or automatic door with different variations and a choice of dimensions including up to 3.8 meters high
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High Capacity Door

Our 2 wing doors for high foot flow applications. Three doors in one design: revolving, sliding and a balanced door.
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Framed Revolving Doors

Three of four wing revolving door which is available in differing designs, dimensions and finishes.
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Buildings With Revolving Doors
Save £1,000's On Energy Costs

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Sliding Door Solutions from EA

We also supply, install and maintain highly reliable and very efficient Sliding Door systems. Read more about these from the links below:

The Best Of All Worlds...

Our High Capacity Revolving Door
With Integral Centre Sliding Doors

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